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We encourage you to register for the event, thus letting us know how many people will attend.

Please enter at least your geocaching user and what you are interested in for both geocaching and touristic sightseeing. All other fields are optional. If you register more than once , only the last record is saved; please make sure you enter everything correctly; if you think there is something wrong with your registration, just re-register.

Privacy notice: the information you will enter is used solely to determine the common interests that geocachers that will attend the event share; this information will not be released to any third party at all.

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IMPORTANT : please note that we are not providing any accomodation other than an area for tents; we are gathering this information for statistical purposes. All accomodation fees are to be handled by each participant.

Please make your own reservation with a hotel, pension or private B&B in the area.
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