Please register for the Transylvania GeoQuest event. This will help us estimate the number of participants and various other arrangements.

Please enter your Geocaching ID and relevant information for your interests, of both geocaching and tourism. Register only once, if you are active on several geocaching sites. Register only once if you register a team and act as a team for the event.

Privacy policy : all information you provide will only be used for better organizing the event, in the common interests of all participants and to assemble statistics. No information shall be disclosed to third parties.

Once registered you will receive a registration number. You will use this number to confirm your participation at the registration desk at HQ, or to cancel your registration (for cancellations click HERE)

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  Important note : GeoQuest Team does not provide lodging services besides the available tent space near and around HQ. Lodging reservations and costs are entirely the responsability of the participants themselves.
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Important note : GeoQuest Team does not provide bycicle renting services, but may offer relations to such services, depending on the amount of renting requests.
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